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Office365: Home

Instructions for installing Office 365 on your home/work Computer

Microsoft Office 365 is free for all LBCC students (for the duration of time that they are students) and staff.

Step 1: In order to get started, go to the Office 365 website, enter your LBCC email address (you cannot use your personal email address), and click on "Get Started."

Step 2:  If you are a student, click on "I'm a Student." If you are staff/faculty, please click on "I'm a Teacher."


Step 3: Check your LBCC email to complete your setup.


Step 4: Follow the link, then complete the form:


Step 5: You're almost there. If you wish to use the Office online apps, you can begin doing so. If you wish to install the application on your personal computer, click on "Install Office 365" on the top right of the screen. The website will download a setup.exe file to your computer. Click on the file on the bottom of the screen and click on "Run" when prompted.