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OER Guide: General OER Sites

Open Educational Resources at Linn-Benton Community College

Top Sites for Finding OER

Below are some of the main places to find OER. An LBCC librarian can help you find the best resources to meet your learning objectives.

  • OER Commons - A repository for open content in many different formats - whole courses, textbooks, videos, handouts, modules, and more. You can filter your search results by educational level and subject. Some of these materials have been reviewed.
  • MERLOT - Find free and open online materials used and contributed by an international educational community.
  • Open Oregon Educational Resources - Use the search box to see OER that other instructors in the state are using in similar courses to yours. A name/email on the right means you have permission to contact the instructor for more information.
  • SkillsCommons -  Open digital library of workforce training materials (great for CTE!).
  • Open Textbook Library - A collection of openly licensed full textbooks, many of which are peer reviewed.
  • Mason OER MetaFinder searches across many OER repositories. It pulls in a lot of public domain (usually older) resources, so it may be particularly useful for history and other humanities.

We've also compiled a table of General OER Sites and Subject Specific OER Sites.

More General OER Sites

Many of the OER collections below focus on specific formats or come from specific organizations. See the "Review" tab for rubrics and criteria for selecting and adopting materials.

Website Resource Type Description
BCcampus OpenEd Textbooks BCcampus OpenEd is a repository of open textbooks which are the byproduct of the BC Open Textbook Project. The project's goal is to make higher education more accessible through openly licensed textbooks.
College Open Textbooks Textbooks College Open Textbooks is a collaborative of educational organizations pushing the use of open textbooks to community and two-year colleges. Not only do they provide a repository of OER, but also provide training, mentoring and peer-review opportunities.
Creative Commons Search Mixed Creative Commons Search directs users to other search engines and modifies search features to return materials specific to their licensing criteria.
Digital Public Library of America Mixed The DPLA brings museum, archive and library content together online for the world to view.
Directory of Open Access Journals Journals The Directory of Open Access Journals contains open journals covering science, technology, medicine, social science and humanities. The goal of the directory is to make open journals more accessible, and increase the amount of peer-reviewed open materials.
Flickr Images Flickr hosts many creative commons images, and even provides a creative commons licensed collection to easy accessibility.
HippoCampus Videos HippoCampus, powered by the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) at the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education, provides free educational videos in 13 different subjects.
Internet Archive: Open Educational Resources Mixed The Internet Archive provides access to out of copyright and public domain materials. They also have a page which organizes OER specific materials on their site, which include free courses, lectures, and supplemental materials.
Learningpod Course Materials Learningpod provides a library of practice and assessment questions which tie into other online texts and subject material, which can be turned into quizzes for students.
MERLOT Mixed Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching or MERLOT, a product of California State University, is a repository for learning and teaching materials, including open textbooks, course materials, and multimedia. An added aspect is the peer-review process which adds additional credibility to the resources any member can add.
MIT Open Courseware Mixed MIT Open Courseware houses virtually all MIT course content, including online textbooks, lectures and supplemental resources.
OER Commons Mixed OER Commons allows educators to easily search for OER materials in one central place. All the materials available on OER Commons are vetted prior to incorporation which ensures the materials compiled from around the world are high quality. OER Commons also allows you to author content and build interactive modules.
Open Course Library Course Materials Open Course Library provides a variety of course materials, created by experts, which can be mixed with online texts or low cost texts.
Open Education Consortium Mixed Open Education Consortium is more of an OER search engine and links to OER materials.
Open Learn Mixed Provided by The Open University, Open Learn is made up of free online course and content.
Open Learning Initiative Course Materials Funded by Carnegie Mellon University, OLI provides course materials for instructors and students, and can use the site to host classes.
Open SUNY Textbooks Textbooks
Established by the State University of New York libraries, Open SUNY Textbooks is "an open access publishing initiative," which relies on academics as authors and peer-reviewers to produce high-quality open texts available for adoption.
Open Textbook Library Textbooks Compiled by the Center for Open Education and College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, the Open Textbook Library is a catalog of open, peer-reviewed textbooks.
OPEN Washington Mixed OPEN Washington, an OER network, indexes open videos, images, course materials and textbook websites.
Open Yale Courses Mixed Open Yale Courses provides access to introductory courses and materials used by instructors at Yale.
OpenSpires Mixed OpenSpires is the home for numerous open projects under development at the University of Oxford.
OpenStax Textbooks OpenStax, a nonprofit developed at Rice University, allows instructors to review open textbooks freely online, and provides them with access to additional course materials like assignments and tests.
Penn State Open Courseware Course Materials OER Courseware at Penn State provides modules from participating courses online.
Project Gutenberg eBooks Project Gutenberg provides free access to books which are no longer under copyright in the US. eBooks are available in a broad array of subjects.
Saylor Academy Textbooks and Courses Saylor Academy provides open textbooks and full courses.
Skills Commons Mixed Deliverables from US Department of Labor (DOL)’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grant Program are housed in the Skills Commons repository.
TED Talks Videos TED Talks provide inspiring and educational talks from influential people across all fields. Copyright status varies--some are Creative Commons licensed and some are not.
Textbook Revolution Textbooks Textbook Revolution is a student-run site which compiles OER materials related to specific courses which are currently in use to increase their adoption by educators.
The Orange Grove Mixed The Orange Grove is Florida's OER repository for educational materials, which includes open textbooks, course materials, 3D objects, and multimedia resources.
University of Oxford Mixed The University of Oxford provides access to OER and online materials selected and created by tutors.
Vimeo Videos Vimeo hosts many creative commons licensed videos and allows users to upload their own content.
Wikibooks Textbooks Hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikibooks is a relative of Wikipedia, Wikiversity and Wikimedia Commons. Wikibooks is a site of instructional texts which are accessible by keyword search or subject. With a similar set up as Wikipedia, Wikibooks can be written by anyone, and are frequently update to include more current and accurate information. You will find completed, partial and in-development books.
Wikiversity Course Materials Wikiveristy provides access to OER course materials, which are compiled and revised with an educated online community.
YouTube Videos YouTube is home to billions of videos, many which are licensed under Creative Commons, which can be found through filtering results.