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Anti-racist Resources: Quick Picks

Library resources to increase understanding of racism, anti-racism, and racial healing in the United States.


LBCC Library believes in equity, diversity, and inclusion at LBCC and beyond, but further work is needed to make this a reality. We continue to improve our collection and programming to support this work and the goal of ending racism. We join our efforts with libraries across the nation to steadfastly commit our profession to anti-racism. The LBCC library supports the letter from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association Condemning Increased Violence and Racism Towards Black Americans and People of Color.


This guide gathers some of our library’s best anti-racism resources in one place. The guide is focused on understanding the current environment of racism and anti-racism work in the United States and provides resources for self-education, especially for white folks. The lists are not exhaustive; we have mainly focused the experience of African Americans and publications after 2008. Be sure to check out the different sections of this guide by clicking on the tabs above.


If you want access to more resources, ask a librarian! Also, let us know if you have recommendations for library purchases. 

Selected Ebooks

A selection of popular titles that are available as ebooks from the LBCC Library.

Javier’s Recommendations

Some favorite books from Javier Cervantes, Director​ of Institutional Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

LBCC Employee Picks

Recommendations from various LBCC employees.