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Policies: Library Programs

Standards for Programs at the LBCC Library

The moderator or organizer of the program must meet with at least one of the LBCC Librarians to discuss how they plan to meet these standards prior to the event.


  1. The program must be relevant to the Library’s mission and goals.

  2. The moderator or organizer of the event must clearly identify the program's focus and perspectives at the beginning of the program.

  3. The moderator or organizer of the event must clearly state the program’s ground rules at the beginning of any program that invites discussion.

    • The choice of ground rules is left to the moderator/organizer, but the rules must be created with the intent of reducing and constructively addressing personal attacks against individuals and groups.
    1. We have provided example sets of ground rules below.

Example ground rules

  • Listen​ quietly and respectfully.
  • If you have something to contribute raise your hand and the facilitator may call on you.
  • Please, no speaking over one another. One person shares at a time.
  • Be present 100%.
  • Be authentic and real.
  • Share only what you are comfortable sharing. Challenge by choice
  • Be aware of your own feelings and care for yourself.
  • Try to use “I” statements when speaking and sharing.
  • No cross examining or questioning of another person’s story. Everyone’s experience is real to them and feelings are valid.
  • Silence your cell phone or other devices.
  • No electronic recording of any kind.

(Javier Cervantes)

Example ground rules

  • Please save questions for the end of the presentation.
  • Write questions on slips of paper that are provided.  Your questions will be brought to the moderator, who may choose your question.  Note that the moderator may re-phrase your question.